Progress Update: Day 1-25


The picture on the left was when I first began my challenge, which would become the journey to wellness I am currently enjoying. The picture on the right is me 25 days later; 7 pounds lighter, I was already getting compliments on my efforts. I’m 57 days in and due for yet another picture & status update, which will be coming shortly, but for now here is a pic of me halfway through days 25 and now….never stop believing in yourself or your aspirations. I never thought the day would come that I could do a push up let alone 41 of them in a row like its nothin 💪💃👙⭐



Mid-day Squat Challenge


Regardless of where you are right now im sure you can find 5 minutes or less to participate in this challenge- your behind will thank you for it!

Do 99 squats.
First 90 normal like youre about to sit down on a chair; on your way up squeeze your bum. For the final 9, jump off the ground on your way up and then jump softly back into a seated position.