Caffeine: Is it a Problem or the Cure?


Caffeine has been a staple in my diet ever since I can remember (circa middle school). Although I never consumed coffee until I was well into my 20s, I was literally addicted to diet cola and drank upwards of 2L a day at various points in my life. It wasn’t until about a year a half ago that I totally swore off diet cola and all soda beverages (except Ginger soda) only to reintroduce these back into my life a few months ago, in moderate amounts. Now, however, I cannot start most days without a coffee and there is the odd time I find myself craving a strong shot of Espresso. I am unsure how my body survives without caffeine for a week, every 3 months, when I cleanse and only rely on raw, whole and natural foods but I seem to be fine and full of way more energy than when caffeine is a regular feature in my diet.

So, while I do not notice any negative impacts of consuming caffeine-packed products such as coffee, tea and diet cola, other than teeth discoloration, I am weary of how addicted and tolerant my body is to caffeine and what impacts this central nervous system stimulant is having on my mind & body (i.e. accelerating bone loss).

I sense a caffeine-detox coming along and I’m not excited about it, so I am eager to hear what you guys think about the positive and negative physical & mental impacts of consuming caffeine in limited quantities as well as if any of you have ever attempted a caffeine-detox and what your experiences were like.

Not sure if writing this post had anything to do with it but now I’m craving a chai 🙂


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