Creatine HCL: Are the potential Side Effects worth the Benefits?


Creatine has been a popular supplement on the market since it was discovered in 1832, by Michel Eugene Chevreul,  as a component of skeletal muscle, which he later named after the Greek word for meat.  Creatine is naturally produced in the human body from amino acids primarily in the kidney and liver and is transported in the blood for use by muscles. Approximately 95% of the human body’s total creatine is located in skeletal muscle. Creatine is utilized by athletes, bodybuilders, wrestlers, sprinters, arthritics and vegetarians alike, considering vegetables are not the primary source of creatine and vegetarians tend to show lower levels of directly derived muscle creatine.

Extensive research has demonstrated that creatine supplementation (at a rate of 5 to 20 grams/day) appears to be safe and unlikely to result in adverse side-effects, while effectively improving the physiological response to resistance exercise by enhancing the maximal force production of muscles in both men and women. There was  some concern that creatine supplementation could affect hydration and heat tolerance and lead to muscle cramping and diarrhea, but recent studies have shown these concerns to be unfounded.

I began taking CON-CRET Creative HCL (Hydrochloride, which was discovered by accident in 2009 and is a SUPERconcentrated form of Creatine that does not require loading/cycling ) about a week ago, and initially I did notice a surge in strength & endurance during the strength training part of my workouts. However, a few days in, I am experiencing major stomach cramps and although I am unsure if this is due to the Creatine HCL, nothing much has changes in my diet or lifestyle and so I plan to take a few days off of the HCL to see if my tummy settles. I was encouarged by my friends to drink more water while using creatine and I think this is good advice for anyone taking any supplements to enhance their health and fitness level. I think its important to mention that in over a decade of fitness training, although I have taken many different types of supplements, I never experimented with creatine until now.

I will provide an update in a few weeks on the status of my experience with CON-CRET, but for now, I am interested to find out how your experiences have been with HCL and if any of you have experienced any negative side effects.


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