Day 48

Today I woke up all psyched and energized to go to the CNE with my beautiful friend Lara 🙂 I was running late after getting ready and grabbed a VEGA ONE Bar and an NRG Zphere (Recipe 2 be posted once perfected), which I ate en route. Despite the fact that I only ate roasted corn (sans butter, which to me is so eww) and drank lemonade (no sweetener) and a tropical non-fat smoothie during the entire 7 hours I was at the EX, I was able to walk around all day and still had energy to spare! Not sure if this is a testament to VEGA ONE, the NRG Zphere, the smoothie, a combination, neither, the weather or ?????

Anyways…..after easily walking 10 KMs throughout the day, I was pumped up to enjoy my second cheat meal in 48 days – a Grilled Cheese & Fries from Fran’s– which I had been craving since seeing a friend check-in at this wicked 24-hour family restaurant which, btw, was once a regular in my crazy go-all-day-&-all-night life!!! I enjoyed every bite of my sandwich and fries although I had a limited ability to taste due to irritated sinuses…but the great company I enjoyed my meal with made this cheat greater than great 🙂 ……And, since, I’ve got back on my grind and plan to eat raw for as long as I can until another craving comes upon me that I cannot shake off 😉


I thought I would also post a short write up on cheat meals to help those of you who aren’t totally sure what they are or what their purpose is, since they can play a valuable role in any healthy lifestyle, weather it is geared towards change (i.e. transition into vegetarianism, veganism, RAW), weight loss, muscle gain, general health & wellness maintenance, etc… 


Cheat Meals

Cheat meals are infrequent gastro-based indulgences that can allow you to resolve thoughts and feelings about deprivation that may accompany a change or restriction in dietary practices. I think it is helpful to allow for cheat meals in any healthy lifestyle, as necessary, since I do not schedule cheat meals until the need arises, because this way I can participate in social functions and/or satisfy cravings for unhealthy foods which the human in me inevitably encounters from time to time 😛

There are a multitude of rules that individuals create that pertain to cheat meals, but I keep it simple and can summarize my rules as follows:  

  1. Planning is always the key to success! Plan your cheat meals so that they are not excessive and so that you can look forward to them and enjoy them even more when it is time to enjoy them. It is critical for me to consider and plan portion control, as well as to ensure I always enjoy a cheat meal at a table and never in front of a TV, while working, etc…… so that I do not unnecessarily compromise days, weeks and months of hard work and can truly enjoy it!
  2. Do it, love every moment of it and move on! Do not allow a cheat meal to turn into a license to eat recklessly for an entire day or even longer. This is why it is important to plan a cheat meal complete with a subsequent recovery meal so that a cheat meal does not turn into a binge. 
  3. Not Guilty! Following from #1 & #2, do not feel guilty about cheat meals. If I follow these rules I am able to savor my cheat meals without guilt and resume again with healthy eating. If you dwell on cheat meals, you defeat the purpose of indulging in them. Cheat meals are intended to address feelings of deprivation, that said, once you become accustomed to eatier healthy and are able to prepare delicious meals that are also nutritious and contribute to a healthy and productive lifestyle, you will find that the frequency of your cheat meals will decrease as will your cravings for processed, unhealthy foods.

Hope this was helpful 🙂 

Be strong & Live Long!



2 thoughts on “I CHEATED!

  1. Just stumbled on your blog looking for some healthy motivation and just wanted to say that I love your approach to cheat meals! I think that it’s so important to allow them into your healthy living as balance, but I love the way you moderate it! Cheers!

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