My friend was over on the weekend and questioned why I had 4 bottles of coconut oil visibly hanging around in different rooms of my house. I let her know that I use coconut oil at least twice a day, if not more and then began to educate her about the uses and benefits of coconut oil upon realizing that she, probably like many other people, was unfamiliar with the versatility of this product.

  1. I add a Tsp. of coconut oil to my smoothies and often use it to sautee/stirfy vegetables as coconut oil can be used in any baking, stirfry or raw recipe where vegetable oil is called for. Coconut oil has a high boiling point and is often used as a dairy free butter alternative. Ingesting coconut oil has been found to contribute to mental alertness, an enhanced metabolism (MCFA, high in lauric acid), soothing allergies and combatting internal infections. It has a sweet nutty aroma and flavor which I really enjoy!
  2. I lather on coconut oil all over my body (not including my face, although many individual swear by using coconut oil on their face) after taking a shower and also use it to moisturize my nails, cuticles and lips (great alternative to chapstick). Once every week or two, I mix coconut oil with other oils to create a hair mask which I leave on my hair and cover for about an hour. My hair feels like silk afterward! Coconut oil, since it has a high boiling point, is also  great way to naturally increase skin tolerance to avoid burning due to the sun and has SPF4.
  3. Coconut oil is a great smelling not to mention soothing and softening eye makeup remover. Just rub a little on a makeup remover pad and gently rub.
  4. Mix equal parts of coconut oil and sugar for a smoothing body scrub.
  5. Rub pure coconut oil over cuts and infections to help them heal quickly as coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  6. Rub coconut oil insde of your nose for instant allergy relief.

If you plan to use coconut oil for cooking, I especially suggest that you purchase the Virgin organic type.


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