Tired of the Same Ol’?



Bored of the same Ol’?

A few days ago I began to notice that I was a little less motivated to get on with my workouts, because I was bored of rotating between the elliptical trainer, P90X Kenpo-X and power swimming for the cardio portion of my fitness routine.

So, I thought about activities that I have enjoyed in the past as well as those I had always wanted to try out and I decided that I am going to incorporate running, dance and boxing into my fitness plan. If you feel stumped with the selection of your fitness activities, Google local establishments in your area that offer drop-in classes that can not only allow you to spice-up your workouts but also meet new people and learn new skills.

Similarly, I think it’s time to step up the variety in my strength training routines so I’m looking into researching new exercises (which I plan to post) and re-vamping my circuits to challenge my body and my mind.

On a final note, I realized during the cardio portion of my workout yesterday that by re-framing my mind during workouts, I can not only make them more bearable but also significantly more enjoyable. For example, yesterday, instead of counting down minutes while interval training on the elliptical, I decided to start a personal challenge to see how many strides I can take in 55 minutes. Similarly, today, during my AM workout, instead of attempting to complete 99 vertical leg raises, which I timed took roughly 3 minutes to complete yesterday, I decided to test how many reps I could accomplish in two 90 second time frames and accomplished 103!

Re-framing is a useful tool/ strategy in many situations that can benefit not only from a new perspective but also a re-assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses in the given situation. In deciding to exploit my competitive nature instead of testing my lack of patience as I get through occasional dreaded cardio workouts, I am able to at least find some enjoyment in trying to beat my personal bests.

Try Researching and Re-framing & Re-assessing your own situation the next time you feel stumped with your fitness routine.


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