From Dreams to Plans to Action!



I began a fitness challenge with my friend almost 2 months ago and decided on the second day that I would document my journey via Instagram, as I had recently begun to follow the fitness journeys of a couple of really amazing women who took it upon themselves to not only shed pounds but to also arm themselves with knowledge about food, nutrition, exercise and the human body. I was inspired! I, however, was not new to the world of fitness and nutrition, as I spent nearly my entire life learning to healthily accommodate the decision I made at 8 years old to become a vegetarian; which led me to become fascinated with learning about not only nutrition but how it related to human functioning and productivity. Over the years, those who know me know I have become obsessed with many conquests to learn how to harvest more energy, focus better, endure longer days and other missions of the sort. I, however, have never amalgamated all of this knowledge into my lifestyle and life, and as such, have not lived consistently, in accordance with best practises I’ve discovered or up to my potential.

When I began this challenge, I suppose it began with a superficial intention — I had gained 23 pounds since my last check-in, I mean how does that even happen? So, I wanted to lose some weight, tone my body and fit into my clothes nice again. I did not imagine in my wildest dreams that not even a couple weeks in, this challenge would evolve into a journey towards attempting to achieve total health and wellness, one which would surpass the desire to earn a sexy body worthy of the greatest shopping spree!

For the first time ever, I am soooo eager to integrate my knowledge about health, wellness, nutrition, exercise and the human body to create the strongest, most productive, resilient, healthy version of myself that has ever existed, yet! I want to abandon all my bad habits (every last one of them!), although I will never refrain from indulging in life, and to eventually live and eat clean, raw, free of GMOs and to nourish not only my body but also my mind, heart and soul. I had learned earlier in my life, when I was vegan and also a strict raw-food eater, that eating foods in their natural whole form makes one feel somehow more connected to the world, the earth, the creatures and countless life forms in it, as well as, more importantly, to oneself, one’s purpose, one’s role in the world, ones desires, dislikes, potential and aspirations.

As I strive to become certified in wellness therapy, personal coaching and fitness training, since I truly think these skills will enhance my current therapeutic work with my clients as well as hopefully lead to new horizons, I hope to inspire others and for this in turn to help keep me motivated and focused on building and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. My goal over the next few weeks and months is to not only post on the topics I do or to comment on how these practices and ideas have improved my life and/or challenged it but, more importantly, to write these lessons into my present and future story.

Thank you all for being a part of my life and wellness journey!





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