My Favorite Fitness & Wellness Apps

screen shot fitness apps

There are countless fitness & wellness apps available for various devices and platforms, some which even work across platforms, however many of these apps make it difficult to integrate fitness and diet or lack a calorie counter or nutritional analysis tool for meals. I have a slew of apps on my Note 2, my iPod Touch and my Ipad yet I find that I only really rely on two. Here is a brief description of my two favorite fitness and wellness apps. Give them a try, they’re completely FREE and they seriously make it simple to keep your daily food & supplement intake, workouts and nutritional & fitness profiles in order!

My Fitness Pal  My Fitness Pal

This app literally makes tracking calories that you eat throughout the day easier than easy! To up the wow factor, you can even use the included barcode scanner to search more than three million foods. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also monitor your intake of minerals, vitamins in addition to tracking aerobic and strength training workouts and the overall progress of your fitness & wellness goals (whether it be inches or lbs that you are measuring). How’s that for a free fitness app? Available for iOS and Android.

Fitocracy Fitocracy

Fitocracy provides an instant reward system for anyone struggling with motivation. The aim is to get to the highest level possible by logging the exercises you’ve done, whether it’s running or weight lifting, and earning points that move you to higher levels. What’s kinda fun is that you can also post Facebook-style updates to the friends in your network. What I like best about this app is that it allows you to connect socially even if you mostly work out alone. Available for free for iOS and Android.


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