Photo Update! !!


Challenge Day 61: The picture on the left was taken 2 months ago (61 days to be exact) when I first started my challenge and altho I was too embarassed to post it then, I am only all too proud to post it now! Not only because I am 4+ inches smaller in the waist!!! but because I worked my a $$ off to get here & I’ve only just begun! More than losing pounds and inches I am gaining a new confidence about and lease on life through gaining knowledge about and control over my body. I have always been a very disciplined individual, as this was required by the activities I engaged in for a long chapter in my life (Dance, modelling) but I have never whole heartedly integrated the lessons I learnt about health, nutrition, fitness and wellness into my life. This time is different because I am not only extremely motivated but I am taking time to reflect on how these changes in my lifestyle are impacting my mood, my energy level, my body’s appearance and other aspects of my being and functioning. Further, I am learning that every action, word, thought, food I eat or don’t eat, etc… impacts the next moment in my life, and I am fascinated with controlling as much of my life, in this manner, as possible. Of course I still look forward to the unexpected but I like knowing how long and far my body can run, how high I can jump, how many pounds I can carry, how low I can bend on one leg, etc…because I am realizing my body is truly capable of amazing things. Of course, I love seeing the physical scopophilic signs of progress too- a tighter, stronger body! I am super excited to continue gaining the benefits of hard work and hope to inspire others to build their body for life!


6 thoughts on “Photo Update! !!

  1. good for you Zahra – the benefits of an active lifestyle are so much greater than just in the way we look – it’s how it makes you feel too – keep it up and good luck! Mike

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