Dreams DO come True!


I dreamt a dream 23 days ago (I know because I keep a dream Journal) that I encountered an enchanting experience which 23 days later, today, I surely did. Today was a remarkable day in my life, you know one of those days you remember in vivid detail forever and ever? I not only completed my training towards becoming a certified coach but also partook in an AMAZING workshop/training so that I can facilitate wellness workshops for women and children affected by violence. Now, for those of you who know me and love me, you can imagine how huge a blessing and dream come true this is for me as I have spent the last decade of my life committed to researching how to mitigate the impacts of violence on children and instead develop resilience among them. For those of you who dont know me, now you know and I will also add that I recently became re-committed to fitness and have since made the decision to incorporate my passion for fitness into the work I do with children, youth and their families.

Sooo…this is literally a dream come true!!!!! and because I do NOT believe in coincidence, I know that this is a sign that I have to move forward with my mission of building a bridge between fitness and family conflict so as to antithetically implode that same link and instead support families to develop on a continuum towards wellness and good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Dreams come true. I am so very fortunate at a relatively young age to have lived to see so many of mine come true. I thank God first and foremost always and then my family and friends whose prayers are definitely being heard. God is great. Never stop working hard or believing in your dreams, if you have a passion follow it, the rewards are unbelievably satisfying in so very many ways!



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