How to KICKSTART your Morning Routines!


I recently came across a great e-mail that provided some tips on how to kickstart your day with a simple set of rules for creating productive morning routines, so I thought I would share!

Plan the first 60 minutes of your day the night before so you set yourself up for success in advance.

-Eat breakfast within an hour of getting up.

-Use the first 20 minutes of your day to exercise so you jump start your brain’s chemistry.

-While you’re exercising, listen to something inspirational and of value (the influences that you expose your mind to at the beginning of your day set the mental tone for the rest of the day).

-Hydrate. You’ve been sleeping all night. Drink lots of water to get yourself fired up.

-Review your Big 5. This takes just a few minutes, but list your five main goals for the year on a mirror with a dry erase marker. Look at it every morning to renew your focus.

-Do your affirmations. Perhaps in the shower, recite words like “excellence” and “focus” and “mastery”. Also repeat one line statements to prepare yourself for a world-class day ahead.

-Get into nature. As much as possible, get out into nature every morning. The fresh air as well as the environment has a superb effect on your creativity, productivity and sense of happiness.

-No news. Start your day in what I call “a tight bubble of total focus”. Avoid the news, complainers and toxic situations. The first 3 hours of your day have the least distractions…and are GOLDEN. You know that the way you begin your day drives how you live it so start it strong!!


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