Anti-Stress+Acne+Redness+Dullness Face Mask




I have been struggling with dull skin for too many weeks on end and decided to re-vamp my face care routine because in the process of trying to reinvigorate the natural blush in my cheeks, with not-so-good-for-you but easily accessible face masks (not to mention easier to apply, and contained in super cute packaging – I am guilty of being a fanatic of Korean Beauty Products), I was actually irritating my skin (redness) and likely enabling some of the acne that I have been suffering from as well.

I decided to scale back to the basics and called my mom so that she could remind me of a face mask remedy I swore by in my teens and early 20s. While I wont share the entire details of my face care regimen (in this post), I will share this beauty secret with you. Most of you have probably come across posts on the internet flaunting the benefits of turmeric face masks, so as a token of my appreciation 🙂 I have decided to share, in the first Wellness post since my return, a not-so-well-known concoction for a face mask that soothes skin as it nourishes and protects.

I had to experiment, for about an hour last night, in an attempt to develop a recipe for the perfect consistency as my mother’s instructions, as well as various internet-based variations, resulted in massive gobs of permanently-staining turmeric dripping off my face and onto and all over my washroom and house!

This mask can be used up to 3 times a week and should be applied to a clean face (sans moisturizer) and left on for about 20 minutes (or until you cant move your face anymore!). You can prepare two face masks at a time by doubling up on the recipe (although this is not recommended as the mask will slightly lose its potency) and refrigerating the unused portion for up to 2 days  (according to my own personal experience). Do not skip any ingredients as each plays an integral role.

Besan (Chickpea Flour)- Reduces oiliness, fights acne

Honey – Treats and prevents acne (antibacterial), slows down the signs of aging (antioxidant), moisturizes, soothes irritated skin, adds glow to skin

Cinnamon – Treats acne , adds glow to skin

Yogurt – Naturally reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lactic acid dissolves dead skin and tightens pores

Turmeric – Clears acne scars and inflammation, reduces oiliness

Enjoy and please feel free to post your experiences using this mask 🙂


2 TBSP Besan (chickpea flour)

1 TSP Honey

0.5 TSP Ground Cinnamon

1.5 TBSP Natural Yogurt (strain as much water with a strong paper towel before adding to mixture)

1 TSP Ground Turmeric

Mix dry ingredients together well before adding yogurt and then honey. Let the mixture sit for 5-10 minutes to thicken before applying on clean (unmoisturized) face.



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