we’re Baaaaccckkk!!!



After a LONG overdue hiatus, this blog is finally back up, and hopefully will be running again in no time with all of your support. I will address this hiatus in upcoming posts, as it truly was a part of my Journey of and to Wellbeing, but for now I’ll just wholeheartedly THANK all those who sent emails wondering about why the blog came to a screeching halt, just as it was picking up momentum, and encouraged me to reconsider starting back up. If it wasn’t for those emails, as well as friends and family who have come to me, asking for a forum to explore their own Journeys to Wellbeing, I would not have found the time and more importantly, the courage, to come back to this project. That said, this Act of Return is super intentional, super meaningful and I invite you all to join along again, on this Journey to Personal Wellbeing!


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