How to Keep Avocado (Guacamole) GREEN for 3 Days !!!


I have struggled forever to keep raw avocado-based dishes (i.e. Guacamole) GREEN for beyond 24 hours! I’ve heard lots of tricks – leave the pit in, add cilantro or mint or lemon/lime yadda, yadda, yadda…. that were intended to stretch out the life of avocado, and tried them out, but none of them worked for me 😞 Although I manage to salvage post 24-hour avocado-based dishes by scraping the browned part off and eating the rest (which usually remains green for a day or, if you’re lucky, two), I was recently taught a trick (which is not a myth but rather science-based!) that has helped me keep my Guacamole and other raw avocado-based prepared treats GREEN for about 3 days 😀 This makes the decision to buy a bag of avocados super easy for me.

Here’s what you do. Once you prepare your avocado-based dish, you transfer it to tupperware (preferably glass ware) and then smother it until there it very little or no air left. Then you spoon a few teaspoons of water (based on how much avocado-based dish you are going to store – I use 3-4 Tsps for a Cup) on top and cover the tupperware with its airtight cover. Refrigerate. When you remove the tupperware from the refrigerator , spoon out as much of the water as you can (without letting it get into the mixture) and then mix together your dish and serve!

Whats the secret? The H20 prevents oxidization which otherwise causes the avocado to brown 🙂

Enjoy your GREEN avocados!

P.S. I’ll post the recipe for this avocado spread (which I use on toast and top with tomato, cucumber and sprouts) as soon as I can along with other easy and simple raw avocado-based recipes.


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