Thought of the Day….


This quote encompasses so much of what I have been reflecting on and stirring up inside of me when I feel I lack the motivation to do what I know I NEED to do and will feel much better after doing. Turn the page! Stop living in and dwelling on yesterday when yesterday will never let you revisit it. Write a new story !!! Your future will thank you and then today can be the BLESSING that it was meant to be. I hope and pray all of you have a truly splendid and productive Friday 🙂


Happy Thursday Thought 

Good morning and Happy Thursday ! I hope you all woke up in positive space today, feeling hyped to conquer the world, but since that’s unlikely because we are all human 😉 I thought I’d offer a positive affirmation and motivational thought.

Regardless of what state you woke up in today or didn’t, regardless of what you thought you’d have by now but you don’t, regardless of what pains in your mind or your body or your heart, know that your will controls your outcomes and that today you can choose to write or rewrite whatever story you have been living and creating. Actually, it is only you who (with the Almighty’s grace and will) can choose the story you are a part of and the legacy that you leave behind.

Whether you formally meditate or not, I encourage all of you to spend some time this morning (or afternoon or evening, Hey! It’s never too late 😉) reflecting on the story you want to write for today so that when you read it later on tonight, with your mind’s eye, you are proud of yourself and content with your contribution to our shared world. I encourage you to do this not only today but everyday, and to do it with intent, conviction, a whole pure heart and modesty, while being aware of and simultaneously embracing all your own vulnerabilities. When you begin to get a better grasp on managing this tricky but not impossible trick, you will surely watch the discrepancy between your desires and reality disappear.

I pray, hope and wish each and every one of you have a blessed, content, meaningful and productive day ❤️